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Эталон проволочный ASTM E-1025



ASTM_Plaque_160px.jpgOver the last fifteen years and more, there has been a rationalisation of American standards for IQIs. For all practical purposes, plaque type penetrameters manufactured in accordance with ASTM E 1025 are now acceptable when working to: ASME V, ASTM E 142, ASME SE-142, ASME section VIII, API 650 and API 1104.
The penetrameters are characterised by having three holes: 1x, 2x and 4x the thickness (T) of the material from which the penetrameter is made, with minimum diameters of 0.01, 0.02 and 0.04in.
They are available in a wide variety of materials: stainless steel, aluminium, aluminium-bronze, brass, copper, cupro-nickel, inconel, magnesium, monel, nickel, phosphor bronze, titanium, hastelloy, Haynes 25 (cobalt) and waspaloy.
Each penetrameter is identified by a batch number etched into the rear face and is supplied complete with a declaration of conformity in a plastic wallet.


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